Monday, 18 February 2013

Changes to Project 365 and Future Content

So far I've really like making videos about anything I can think of but I don't feel satisfied with the quality or entertainment of them so in the coming days I'll be looking to change the way I do my videos. What this means is that at 34 videos in a Project 365 will be coming to an end but what will be coming from that experience is something different and more focused.

I will use the branding of minusInfinite as mI for the kind of content I will be producing. At this staged pronounced as 'me', because it gives me a chuckle.

mI Plays - mI Plays will be me playing a game of some kind I will look to make and update at least a 20min gameplay video of me playing something. From my past play thoughts this is more like a "Start from here. Stop at here" kind of thing. Most of the time it's felt pretty boring. An idea I've had is to make it like a highlights reel and just jump cut the most interesting part of play over an hour period (although that sounds like a lot of editing)

mI Sings - Will be a vocal cover of a song. If you have ideas for a song you would like me to attempt I will on the condition I would like to sing it. Other then that I will be picked from my collection of music that I would be interested in attempting

mI Gaming News - During the week, or at the last minute I will attempt to compile news stores about up coming games, release and general news around the Australian Market for PC Games. As small as that sounds there should be something interesting to find. Even if that information is not so readily available. This will be presented on the Friday or Saturday of the week.

mI Vlog - If nothing else I find something during the day to talk about I will share it. rant about it or just talk about something.

At most I will attempt to make at least one of these a week. If I make more that's a bonus. The reason for the change is mostly due to the fact that I'm not happy with the quantanty of content over the possible quality I could achieve. Also University study starts soon. If you have thoughts on this or idea to the upcoming changes I'll be sure to look into this.