Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chrome Update - New Tab Page

So Google's popular web browser Chrome updated on the live branch recently. Or the installation on my desktop was slow at updating as my laptop has had the change for a while but since I don't use my laptop all that much it was not all that much of an issue.

If you haven't see the New Tab Page in Chrome it looks like something below

You will notice it's a rather big change. The main change is that you no longer need to go to to view the Google "doddles" and you can search. Although there is little reason to have the omnibar if this is going to be there. Adding redundancy is not a solution to users not using something as they should. It's a direction issue but this in my opinion is a hinderance to my workflow when using Chrome and hides one of it best features that is the omnibar.

Also that said I use the Old Tab Page as an app launcher and as such this is they brake in flow I have.

Rejoice though as for now there is a way to return the old ways.

Go to chrome://flags

Find the same option as the image below

Switch the option to "Disabled" close all Chrome windows and ta-da. Old Tab Page.