Friday, 21 February 2014

Oh, a painting. How quaint

So sometimes I get the need to use the very old WACOM Graphite 3 tablet I have to just digitally paint things. Most of the time I'm never happy with the result and usually scrap it and then feel disgruntled that I never look to slog the time and energy to improve. As seen with my attempt at trying a 365-52-12 episode per year video project.

But I made something I at least want to show people using Black Ink which is an awesome digital illustration program designed to take advantage of a computers GPU allowing you to make larger images with little input lag and the design of the program is very different and less cluttered with tools and the like. The funnest thing in the program is the brush controls although it does require a bit of a math understanding there are guild on the community page. There is also some really good are there to. As you can see here

Oh my picture.

I also have a deviantArt page with a few other things. So of which are a little old. You can find it here