Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Game Review: Banished

Good city management simulators are hard to come by. Ones that provide a bleak outlook and likely death if you can’t manage your resources properly and keeps you playing just to meet the challenge and make it through the next winter are almost not existent then there is Banished.

Banished is a game where you are charged to make sure a small community of people can sustain themselves. You make a few houses, construct a gather hut, hunters lodge and forestry maybe a fishing hut. Then you get to winter and realise you forgot to build a woodcutters and have all your people die of cold. The next game you remember the woodcutter but some how ran out of a resource you needed to build something else or mismanaged your labour so once again you small community begins to die as the game just shows you should not be placed in charge of the survival of people

For a game built by one person it looks amazing and the size of the maps can be huge which can make some basic resource collection really interesting. The game also has a beta release for the addition of modification support there is no better time to pick this title up if city management is your thing.

The game is being distributed via Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle and