Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Vlog Project 365

So I have this idea and as you may expect form the title of this here blog I have issues with motivation. To counter that I want to set myself a small project as the stack of computer games I have to finish really are not interesting me at the moment and playing Assassin's Creed III after their plot point in the real world feels a little moot (I'll get to it when I feel like it but the side quest are so much more fun to do then the main storyline). I also have Darksider's II that I would like to play more of but it does get a little repetitive

Other then all that I have an idea, one I really want to start but I'm scared to start it as hopefully it will get me in to a habit of doing something a little more productive. This is a Vlog version of Project 365. Project 365 is nothing new and is mostly aimed at people looking to take photos every day of the year. Obviously I've missed a few weeks as I only had this idea for this project recently. It is also likely to fail when study starts but that is what this is more. To train myself in to the habit of not coming home from where ever and just sitting and starting blankly at my computer screen with or without a game going.

How do I spend this time. Either on facebook, twitter, various forums (not reddit, I'm sure I could get lost for days) YouTube and other media. The end result is to film, edit slightly if needed (such as add transitions, images and such) and publish on here and YouTube. Hopefully if I have sometime to myself I'll look into starting tomorrow