Saturday, 29 December 2012

Here's a list

Ok so the year that is 2012 is close to coming to an end and throughout this year I have played a lot of games. It is mostly be a list of games, my thoughts on them and recommendation if I have any for that game. So the list is below if you care at all to go through it. It's not a top 10 of any sorts, it more games that came out this year and that I've played and have stuff I want to say about it. Just to note all games that follows where played on a Windows PC

  • Dustforce
For a platformer on PC I find this to be a solid game, it's also one of the few platformers that I don't require a controler be decent at it. One negative is that the levels get really long in the later on and judging when the end is coming or the best time to use the super charge can be madding. It also has a level editor and local multiplayer, as in on one computer with up to 4 players (how this works I've not look into but 4 people on one keyboard is tight)
  • Alan Wake (PC) + American Nightmare
Alan Wake as a surprise port for me and if I had to pick something that was game of the year this would be a contender. American Nightmare was good as well. If you enjoy a horror game that does not make you feel to helpless but will still scare the shit out of you this would be something for you.
  • Mass Effect 3
Well to start this I must make a point that I have recorded over 126+ hours of Mass Effect 2 on steam. I played almost every DLC pack for it (I somehow missed Overlord. I could go back and play it but it feels dated) So with that amount of time spend playing the second game in the series that in my opinion built on everything the first game did well and made it better I was expected ME3 to do the same.

90% of this is true. From the Krogan home world event, the Geth/Qurian event even getting to Earth was awesome and built up so well and it has said it before but the end was such a shocking disappointment that for me at least I have not reloaded the game in ages to play the story after finishing it with my two characters from ME2 and one from ME1. I will also not likely be buying any of the story DLC as the ending was such a let down even with the free extended cut it was still just lame and plot breaking.

I still feel that everyone that did followed an alien romance other then Liara got shafted, from what I see on YouTube this maybe true for more than just the alien romances storylines
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Have not finished it as of yet but it has been fun a really good port with an awesome soundtrack
  • Blades of Time
It was a fun hack and slash with a time mechanics that sometime got a little confusing for me to follow. Also got a tad boring after a while of playing. I have not felt like attempting to finish it.
  • Nexuiz
Quick and fun to play, missing a lot of people as the lunch was really buggy. From what I read from the forums it's current state is not to much different
  • Street Fighter X Tekken
For a figher it's fun to play and capcom have done a great job of it. Sometime it with all the cross attacks and the gem system is can get a little confusing to know what is going on. Some gems also have an odd activation method that make them next to worthless.
  • Diablo III
Despite a really buggy launch due to the amount of people attempting to access the servers more likely due to Blizzards notion of making A. a Real Money Auction House and B. a DRM system seems to have made people a little sore. Maybe it could have been an idea to have the option to have an offline character that couldn't access the RMAH or something, would have been nice.

Gameplay wise it is a very good game and when the servers and your internet connection are co-operating it can be really fun. People complain about the lot and I have not yet run into an issues with this on my wizard getting gear to progress and have a good time without RMAH as Blizzard have stated they haven't forced anyone to use it but the idea of it was from what they saw happen in D2 with the eBay sale of items and they wanted a slice of the cake.

Other then that it still is in at least my opinion a really good dungeon crawler 

  • Darksiders II
Loved Darksiders I and so far have enjoyed Darksiders II. Death plays a lot more responsive that War did and I've really been enjoying what the game has improved on. I haven't made much time to play more of it
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Basically a graphical upgrade with some system changes such as making it really difficult to create a LAN Game. It has also had some really annoying bugs but I've enjoyed what I've played of it when I get the chance.

Still a better shotter then any COD
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
An other awesome Transformers game although as a port to PC it's nothing fantastic. My biggest criticism is that there is only one level where you play as Grimlock as awesome as that level is I still feel dissatisfied
  • Guild Wars 2
I love the gameplay of the classes I've played and I the world is fun to explore but it just feel hollow to me. I will attempt to get a lease one character to the level cap but I can only play it in short spurts.
  • Mark of the Ninja
Best. Stealth. Game. Ever. This was so much fun to complete 3 time and I still go back to play it. The freedom it give you in chosing how to get through a level and past or through enemies is awesome.

  • Torchlight II
In my opinion this was a disappointment for me. Sure it's fun to play but it feels like the team wanted to create nothing more then a Diablo II clone. Where it falls over for me is that the controls feel slow and the spells and ablities feel to flashy for what they do. I have not had the chance to play this with more people but playing it singleplayer does not lead me to want to.

As in terms of gameplay Diablo III hits the spot for me better then Torchlight II
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
This expansion is likely the best one yet. I still find WoW something good to go back to every now and again as it's always changing. Although that being said it really is starting to let it's age show
  • Assassin's Creed III
Ship mission are likely the most fun event to do ever. Climbing trees is almost just as cool. The new combat system lacks a little time to get use to but everything else is almost the same as the other entries in the series. I'm having fun with it so far.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Almost the same as every other COD I've played in the past and it always leaves me with wondering way it's so popular when you have much better shooters out there. The change of kill streaks to score streaks is really wired to get use to as well but that's not a bad thing. 

There you go. That's what I've played over the last year and although there is more that I have played I don't have anything to really say about them so they wont be in this list. Like a said before this is not a top 10.