Monday, 24 December 2012

That Time of the Year

Merry Christmas

That is what you say at this time of year. For me currently being that it's a little detached from what I once had faith in I personally find the moment to just spend it with my family more enjoyable then feeling obliged to head to a building, stand, sit, stand, sing, sit listen to some cherry picked speech, stand, sit and sing a little more and the talk to people that make me feel very closed off from anything close to being a friend (as far as I would consider someone to acted like a friend)

So I head to be with people I enjoy the company of as much as they will eventually annoy me by the end of my time off I'm sure we'll have a great time with lot of laughter, shouting and games.

How every you look to spend this time I would hope you find it enjoyable

To the rest of this year and on to the next.