Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Game Review: DmC - Devil May Cry

The remake the new Dante before the white hair. There was a lot of fan rage and outcry about some of the character design changes before this was released but did it ruin the experience that was Devil May Cry?

The short answer to that question is a big N O. Well in my opinion anyway, the long answer? I love hack n slash action platformers, there is often so much on the screen and to see you able to just decimate a legion of monsters with a very over the top looking combo is satisfying and with the weapon switching system being really simple to use combos can be strung together really well. The movement system can get a little bit to get use to but once you learn how to dodge correctly and make space between you and the every surrounding enemies the game makes you feel like a god of combat.

I found enemy variety to be really enjoyable as once you get use to a new enemy it isn’t long before it has a new trick up its sleeve to make the engagement a little more tactical. Like forcing you to have to particular weapons to challenge one enemy while another can’t be hit by the same type. Nothing new but I feel it’s done rather well in this game.

Platforming sequences and puzzles are a plenty in the story mode and for the first run provide challenge in more remembering which button pulls a platform to you or flings you toward the next platform. It can feel very linear in most regards and getting lost in an area is just about impossible. Unlike Devil May Cry games in the past there is little backtracking through areas and very little item collection although some of it is still there I feel that it looses a little flair if it wasn't for the environments looking as pretty as they do.

The story is dramatic and passable for what I've experienced from older games in the series but it kept me interested in what was happening and made me care about the characters involved which is always a positive for the series.

I definitely recommend picking up both the base game and Vergil’s Downfall DLC as it changes some of the core fighting mechanics and gives Vergil a lot more development.

I would love to see another outing for Ninja Theory on a DmC again but I’m not sure if they will get the chance.
You can by DmC - Devil May Cry on Steam