Sunday, 11 October 2015

That Moment of Fleeting Motivation

So as it is I'm a big guy and by big I mean fat. I currently weight around 150 kg or about 330 lbs if there is any people that use such measurements reading. I've always been a big guy and as such I've often found it hard to imagine in any other way but from today I will be looking to see if I can change this paradigm.

I've set a schedule to stick to and see how this goes, which I have placed below. I might even make a video series on my progress. I would also be looking for a little help from people I know that have read this or know me to keep me accountable to this. On top of this I will be looking to get back into intake tracking and looking to eat about 6000-8000 kJ a day as my current weight is maintained by more than 10,000 kJ which I've attempted to reduce before and had some good success but I've been very slack over the 6 months when my results plateaued. So starting from tonight I'll start at top and work my way down and hopefully the scales will follow suite.