Friday, 13 May 2016

Game Review: Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

At one point I placed this on my Steam wish list and then promptly forgot about it. To my memory as to why I'm not sure. That aside I'm really enjoyed the 5 or so hours I've sent on this and while I have yet to get to the end I feel completed to do a write up about it.

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So what is Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight? You are a priestess from an distant land that is becoming affected by a shroud of darkness and have come to the domain of the Queen to ask for assist only to find it in near ruin and occupied by all manner of creatures. Anyone spared appears to only want to look out for themselves but will offer some hints as to how you may proceed. Aims with a Sacred Red Maple of you faith and your trusty bow can you set things right and end this curse.

It one of those pixel art, action sidescroller games that takes a lot of things of other games that have come before it. It got a classic Metroidvania  like challenge, in that you will die a lot but if this is your jam you might find that beating a boss has you feeling compelled to find the next challenge. Minor enemies will respawn when you scroll from screen to screen and progress is reset if you don't save at a pray bell.

Despite looking like a lot of other indie games around the place what does it have going for it? I found the animations really fluid and smooth from the small touches of your death to the way combat flows the amount of work that has gone into the movement of this is amazing. I give this to game running at 60fps and it really shows in the responsiveness of the game and when you do take damage for the most party it doesn't fell like it was the game being a pain and more just a lapse is skill or not reading an enemy correctly.

This game really delivers from the sutile story, ambient music solid combat and 60fps. This is one for any action sidescroller lover.

You can pick this up from Steam

Edit -

I didn't know it before but it appears this is the fourth game in the Momodora Series but is made as a prequel so playing the others is not required but if you would like to see more you can do so here -