Tuesday, 23 August 2016

mIRecommends: An Anime to Binge - Noragami

There are times that you just stumble across something from a Top 10 Anime list someone placed on YouTube that doesn't listed it's sources. So you search the comments to find what had the awesome scene that got you interested. 

Noragami is something I just binged for the reasons above and it's been something I would recommend. 

The Noragami (ノラガミ, lit. Stray God) anime based on a manga series by Adachitoka  around Japanese gods and folklore based in modern times follows the attempts of a minor god Yato to gain a name for himself. Hiyori Iki who gets way to deeply involved in the world of the gods. 

The world craft is quite good although it does hit similar beats to Madoka Magia and Bleach in some ways and Soul Eater. Although some done it a more elegant display. Such as having a force that is created by the emotions of humans they can't perceive in the form of phantoms and named weapons that area formed from the spirits of humans. 

As an anime done by Studio Bones it has all the quality animation style that I've loved from watching their work time and time again. So if you're a fan of some good fight scene adorable moments and just a heartfelt delivery this is something I would recommend to binge when you get the chance. 

My place to binge is AnimeLab