Friday, 5 January 2018

My Recommended PC Games of 2017

Another year has ended and I've been attempting to get through a large backlog in games from previous years, bundles and crazy end of year sales. Despite this I some out played about 13 titles of the wikipedia recorded release list, which includes my recent purchase of the Nintendo Switch and SNES Mini (for that Star Fox 2 release).

I've yet to make time to complete some of this years titles, such as the new Assassin's Creed, Wolfenstein 2, Rime, Observer along with a handful of other titles that I'll likely pickup in a sale over this or the next year.

So without all the extra padding I'm placing here. I give you my recommendation from what I've played in 2017 - In no particular order, of course.

I picked this up a little late in 2017 but had my eyes on it since it stumbled on to my radar when doing a search of Devolver Digital games at some point. I was interested in the masks the characters wear and feel for the visual feel of the game.

Playing it is another matter. What I liked was the combat, it felt fluid when you timed each move correctly and some of the impact from the move set was indeed meaty enough to feel then they landed. The drag comes from the amount of dedication it takes to learn new moves to add to your deck and the online system it really not all that good when you will more often lose to latency than skill. The AI can be a little brutal at times but when overcome and you move on to a new area it left me satisfied.

I would still recommend picking it up.

I played this back on X-Box 360 when video game retail was still a thing. Completed somehow over one weekend. I think I was playing it on easy. Playing it through now and attempting it on Normal is another challenge indeed and in my opinion has not lost any of it's laster. While I'm yet to play Nier: Automata and hearing good things this is still something get pick up and play if you want to know what started the hype around Platinum Games.

The classic is has not aged but for the audience this was aimed at little of that matters. With better support for current operating systems and if you put some money towards it improved resolutions with updates to the sprites and animation it is a solid remaster. So solid the forums have asked for other remasters of Blizzard Classics for the current generation that may have missed their legacy. 

Good isometric twin stick shooters with a little weapon combat and a difficulty curve that feel warranted? This is Ruiner. The cyberpunk game that is amazing grim and with a soundtrack to boot. I really love the mechanics this games has and is nothing short of a must play if trying, dying and trying again 

Minor Mentions

The above are the must haves and from what I had the chance to play that also released on PC last year. Other games I really have yet to play through or just can't give a recommendation on are as follows.

For Honor  -  While a good weapon fighting game it feels a little shallow to recommended the advertised experience.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands - Feels like a third person Far Cry game... not really my jam and I'm still playing though it for the slog it feels like.

Doki Doki Literature Club! - I've played part way through the first run but from the playthroughs I've seen it look like something I would recommend playing. The price of Free is a good entry point.

Kingdom and Castles - A simplistic take on the empire sim games. I really love the look and feel of it but there is something to say that it difficult to know how to optimise pathing for food and the controls for combat are a little lack laster.

Other Platforms

The Nintendo Switch is quite the system. I've played Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I've been taken back to the heyday of playing the N64 just with motion controls. If you can justify the $700 for the system and two games theses would be the ones I would recommend

Late to the Party

I'll look to make another post about general recommendation of games I've been playing. Still have quite the backlog, that never seems to decrease. With the rate good games come from small teams it's not likely to. I've made resolution to get back into making videos again if I can find a decent cost-effective (read: Freeware) video editor.