Thursday, 30 November 2017

NuSkope Usage Meter for Rainmeter

As I've just recently joined NuSkope and was a little bummed that I had to loss the visual tool I use to track my quota. Give NuSkope is quiet a smaller ISP comparably I wasn't surprised to find a replacement for kanine's Bigpond Usage Skin ( was not something someone had done.

Looking over how kanine's meter worked I figured it shouldn't be that hard to port over to a different ISP that provides similar usage data, although more accessible to get to.

More details below


  • Separated modules for Download and Upload – Download is the only one that will update the script to avoid flooding the API with calls
  • Shows amount of quota available today to restore normal usage pattern
  • Shows how many days to reset.

Rainmeter –
Skin –
Whirlpool Topic -

Open to redesign and other ideas. I was just looking to make it functional.